Pharmacy design

People with different ethnicities and nationalities go to the pharmacy because they will need medicine and sanitary ware and at the pharmacy. But the important point is that what attracts attention when entering the pharmacy? Crowd? Clean space? The behavior of pharmacy staff?
You may not have noticed yet, but the interior decoration of the pharmacy is very important because you can consider the sense of cleanliness, air conditioning, order, and proper arrangement of the medicines by the pharmacy design. The proper attraction of customers' attention and encouraging them to buy medicines and sanitary ware is so important for the pharmacy to become famous and increase its sales and branding. For this purpose, professional advertising and marketing methods must be done.
Design and implementation of Aftab pharmacy decoration

Design and implementation of Aftab pharmacy decoration

Design and implementation of Golafshan pharmacy interior decoration

Design and implementation of Golafshan pharmacy interior decoration

Design and implementation of pharmacy decoration

For the pharmacy interior design, the entrance counter and customer communication section, which consists of a computer, telephone, and waiting area, should be considered separately from the drug delivery section by the pharmacist. In this situation, employees can better communicate with the customers and check their prescriptions. So in these circumstances, the amount of mistakes and distractions is minimized, and deliver the drugs to the customers without delay and interference.
Shahr Ara Architects Group has been able to implement the projects of many large and prominent pharmacies in Isfahan and other cities, using an expert and professional team in the field of design and implementation of pharmacy decoration. Please contact the professional experts of Shahr Ara to benefit from consulting services in the field of pharmacy design.

Pharmacy counter design

The counter is the most important part of a pharmacy. The counter must be separate from the cashier part. Prescription reception and cashier should be separate so that the customer does not have to waste a lot of time ordering and receiving the medicine. Besides, pharmacy staff can examine the prescription more carefully and provide the drug to the customer. The counter color should be light. Also, its height and design should be standard so that the customer can communicate better with employees.
Design and implementation of Dr. Mesripour Pharmacy

Design and implementation of Dr. Mesripour Pharmacy

Design and implementation of Dr. Torabi Pharmacy

Design and implementation of Dr. Torabi Pharmacy

The cost of designing the pharmacy’s interior decoration

The pharmacy design price is determined based on various parameters. One of these important parameters is the size and type of materials used in the implementation of the pharmacy’s interior architecture. The larger the area, the more materials are needed such as glass, wood, MDF, etc. With years of experience, a professional expert, and an energetic team, Shahr Ara has a wide range of activities in the field of interior decoration. You can contact our experts to benefit from consulting services and price information.

Values formed in business by the systematic design and layout:



The pharmacy recalls health problems subconsciously. Rarely do we enter a pharmacy without physical or mental problems. With a beautiful and unique design, we can take the illness thought awayfor a while and convey the good feeling.


Optimal use of space

By considering all the standards and no vacant space in the designs, it is possible to make the most and best use of the available. You may have seen a lot of drug cartons and products that should be in stock in pharmacies. in addition to cluttering the space, they are also cumbersome. This is the biggest problem of improper pharmacy design.


Attract more people

By creating an attractive and appropriate pharmacy decoration, more affluent people will choose you. you are definitely the first choice when you provide a good environment and branded products for sale. Exactly what we hear from pharmacists after the reconstruction of pharmacies has been a threefold increase in sales!


Business environment efficiency

By considering your priorities in the workplace, the shelves arrangement and the staffs' workplace can be designed with high efficiency, and appropriate convenient access is created according to the number of visits.

The design portfolio and implementation of pharmacy interior decoration

    How much does it cost to rebuild?

    To answer this important question, we should say:
    One size doesn’t fit all!
    The price of a pharmacy reconstruction and design depends on many items such as space, materials, employer needs, worn or new (if worn, items such as the floor, ceiling, lighting, walls, etc. must be renovated!) Finally, it is not possible to accurately estimate the price until the initial design is done! In the first step, you can complete the pharmacy decoration status check form, and we announce a price range by checking your form.
    Pharmacy decoration status check form

    Small pharmacy decoration

    Each pharmacy has a different space and the design type used for a pharmacy also depends on the size of it. Shahr Ara Architects Group intends to design and implement most projects where the pharmacy space is more than 50 meters. Also, they design and implement pharmacies with an area of fewer than 50 meters. You can benefit from our experts' guidance and advice by completing the status check form and sending it to us. We try to design your pharmacy in the best way to make use of the smallest space.

    Color and lighting in pharmacy decoration design

    Lighting is very important in pharmacies and should be appropriate and enough to attract customer attention effectively. The customer can better choose and buy the products. If the customer has a good experience in buying from your pharmacy, they will return.
    In designing the pharmacy interior decoration, light colors should be used to induce a sense of cleanliness to the customer. White, blue, and cream are good options. Choosing one of these three colors as the main color and combining it with other colors adds to the beauty and charm of the design.

    Shelving and showcase in pharmacy design

    The pharmacy shelving and lighting should be in line with the product layout to provide the best space for the customer’s access. Wooden and glass shelves are among the modern designs today. Also, the stand placement for cosmetic products attracts the customer's attention.
    The decor or showcase should be in a separate part of the cashier part and reception so that the customer can easily see the products he needs without disturbing other people. Employees should also be able to move between different shelves without problems and meet customer needs in the shortest time.

    Interview video with Dr. Rostami and the implementation process of the pharmacy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1 Does any change in the decoration effects increasing sales?

    Two important factors in attracting customers are the location and the interior design of the pharmacy. The staff placement, the waiting area, the layout type, color, and design are all factors that are effective in attracting customers by renovating and changing the decor.

    2When is the best time to renovate a pharmacy?

    We usually plan and implement projects in the shortest possible time and usually, the implementation is done in phases and on holidays, but Nowruz, June, summer, and Ramadan are the best times.

    3How can I make the best use of the space with the small size of the pharmacy?

    Considering our background in the reconstruction and design of many low-space pharmacies, by knowing and observing the standards in the dimensions of the shelves and the working place, space has been eliminated so that even a small area does not affect in this regard.

    4Do you have a plan for the clutter that is usually in the pharmacy?

    The design team definitely pays attention to such things, and in pharmacies, we usually try to consider white as the predominant color due to the variety of drug packaging, which affects making space look bigger and does not create clutter. Of course, we consider materials and colors that do not create uniformity for staff. Also, paying attention to lighting is another important factor that is done in the best way.

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