Medical office decoration

Your office is your ID card!
What is your brand name? do you want to become a brand in the medical field? This question may seem unusual to managers and medical officials. Most people think that branding is only for consumer goods such as soft drinks. Is medical branding correct? Branding is for all organizations. So, if you work in the medical field think about your brand! One of the things that help medical branding is having a perfect and stylish work environment! So you can ask many customers (patients) how much the comfort and beauty of an environment affected their choice? What happened in the first medical branding seminar

Values formed in business by the systematic office design and layout:

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The more possibility of the next visit

A different office design, while maintaining the basic and important items, increases the feeling of confidence in the clients, and finally, the possibility of the next visit and introducing you to other people increases. Of course, even you have the best and most special decoration, you would lose your clients if you are not skilled in your job or other problems like not having good staff and lack of order in queuing, etc.! Furthermore, if you are an expert in your occupation, but do not have a good environment, it’s similar to not having an ID card!

It creates calmness in patients

How long are the patients willing to wait if there is a delay in visits? In the design of the waiting room, the type of activities that patients perform should be considered so that patients do not feel bored and tired of waiting and do not notice the time passing as much as possible.

The distinguishing factor

Given the progress that has been made in the design and renovation of medical centers today, people who believe in expertise certainly understand the role of decoration in their workplace and make a significant difference in their clinic design.

First, we answer this question: what is the basic need to renovate doctors' offices.

Considering that visual effects are of great importance in the present time; So having a stylish and perfect office is significant. Since property prices have skyrocketed in recent years, remodeling an office instead of replacing it seems a more sensible choice and quite economical.
Renovating an office, as attractive as it may seem, can be troublesome if not done by architects, and the result can be the transformation of an old office into a new and ugly one where nothing fits together and costs an arm and a leg instead.
On the other hand, if the office designs properly, all parts of the environment will be uses that seemed useless before the reconstruction; Therefore, systematic reconstruction makes all parts of the environment usable in addition to giving a more beautiful appearance to your office.

3 key points about office renovation

How much does it cost to rebuild?

To answer this important question, we should say:
One size doesn’t fit all!
The price of an office reconstruction and design depends on many items such as space, materials, employer needs, worn or new (if worn, items such as the floor, ceiling, lighting, walls, etc. must be renovated!). Finally, it is not possible to accurately estimate the price until the initial design is done! In the first step, you can complete the office decoration status check form, and we announce a price range by checking your form.
Office decoration status check form

Frequently asked questions

1When a clinic needs to be rebuilt?
It depends entirely on the employer's taste, but the interior decoration, especially in clinics and medical centers, is very important due to the high traffic. It should also be borne in mind that a large number of doctors in the last two years modernized their offices, and it had a great impact on increasing clients.
2 Does reconstruction mean the destruction of space?
reconstruction does not necessarily mean total demolition, but it can also be accompanied by renovation. Wall removal in the middle of a hall or lobby and the placement of a beautiful panel that harmonizes with the clinic has been done while renovating the office.
3What is the best interior architecture for offices and clinics?
Interior design in places intended for the patients' treatment should bring a sense of security while being simple. Interior design in such places should be implemented in a way that does not create a feeling of congestion and confusion in the clients.
4Which space of the clinic has a higher priority for reconstruction?
Most patients spend time at the reception and cashier than in the doctor's room, so it is the first place that the patient sees and interacts, therefore in office decoration you should pay special attention to this part. No one likes to sit still in the waiting room for hours.
55 Can decoration have an advertising and attractive effect on visitors?
A different design, while maintaining the basic and important items, will increase the feeling of confidence in the clients, and eventually the possibility of the next visit. Also, your office is your ID card because you are presenting your expertise to the clients. So you should pay a lot of attention to the office layout and decoration.
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