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Success in the medical business is one of the ammunitions of clinics, offices, and other medical centers, the design of beauty clinics is of extraordinary visual importance. So that designing such may affect the next visits of your office. Travel to the world of design in the medical profession according to your wealth and capital. However, office design cannot be neglected due to the amount of capital. Your clinic should be so dynamic in terms of function, beauty and history that these factors help your branding. So, before taking any action, review the points collected by us and consult with a specialist consultant.Consultation application form Doctors Branding Seminar

Encouraging tools and ways for regular referrals

کلینیک زیبایی

Invest in future patients

  • Your marketing should focus on patients' hot buttons. In fact, it is the hot buttons that get patients to your office. It seems that all the problems, discomforts, confusions and confusions of patients cause the selection of hot buttons. Hot buttons include things such as the amount of pain during the treatment period, the intensity of waiting for the next appointment, the beauty, order and health of the environment and the results of treatment.
  • Medical marketing tells you instead of listing the services and products offered, it is better to introduce hot buttons.
  • A good marketing rule focuses on "you" and "for you" before focusing on "we" and "for us".
کلینیک زیبایی

Educate your future patients

  • Providing educational information is one of the ways to attract future clients and patients. Instead of talking about your credits and honors or giving customers a long list of services, try to give them ideas and guidance.
  • Tell future clients what to look for when choosing a doctor, how to take care of their health, or the benefits of some related services.
  • Training-based marketing reassures your clients that they are dealing with valuable marketing, not just annoying advertising.

Why should a clinic have visual beauty?

Having a beautiful, comfortable, and safe environment is a prerequisite for all businesses, especially beauty clinics. Providing a comfortable environment for clients is respectful and is so important in medical marketing.

Important points in designing a beauty clinic

  • Attention to detail, the design of the reception desk is important and should be done following standard ergonomic principles.
  • Using the best materials is another important factor to create the proper space.
  • It is better not to use wood in all parts in the reconstruction and design of the beauty clinic interior decoration, but for the reception desk design, you can use MDF wood to make the waiting room out of monotony and simplicity.
  • Using a beautiful form as a place for patients seat in the waiting room can change a beauty clinic space.
  • The predominant type of painting in the clinic's overall space is one of the most important things considered by architects and professional designers in the design and reconstruction of beauty clinics. Suitable colors for the beauty clinic interior space are usually light. White is at the forefront of suitable and practical colors because it reflects light well and is a symbol of freshness and transparency, it is the first color that design experts suggest for interior decoration. The use of other soft colors along with white can eliminate the cold state of the clinic and create a lively and different space by making a simple contrast. It should be noted that bright colors are not suitable for clinics' interior architecture.

Design and implementation of Dr. Doroudi Beauty Clinic

Values that are formed by office design and systematic layout in business


The possibility of the next visit will be more

A different beauty clinic, while maintaining the basic and important items, increases the feeling of confidence in the clients, and finally, the possibility of the next visit and introducing you to other people. Of course, even you have the best and most special decoration, you would lose your clients if you are not skilled in your job or other problems like not having good staff and lack of order in queuing, etc.! Furthermore, if you are an expert in your occupation, but do not have a good environment, it’s similar to not having an ID card!

It creates a calm feeling in patients

How long are the patients willing to wait if there is a delay in visits? In the design of the waiting room, the type of activities that patients perform should be considered so that patients do not feel bored and tired of waiting and do not notice the time passing as much as possible.

Reduce disorder in the office

The beauty clinic is a place to use services, so with proper design and compliance with standards, modern space can be created and staff can make optimal use of the interior space, thus avoiding additional clutter and in the interior equipment use.

How much does it cost to rebuild?

To answer this important question, we should say:
One size doesn’t fit all!
The price of a beauty clinic reconstruction and design depends on many items such as space, materials, employer needs, worn or new (if worn, items such as the floor, ceiling, lighting, walls, etc. must be renovated!) Finally, it is not possible to accurately estimate the price until the initial design is done! In the first step, you can complete the beauty clinic decoration status check form, and we announce a price range by checking your form.
Beauty clinic decoration status check form

Frequently asked questions

1What kind of materials should be selected for a beauty clinic?
The use of high-quality materials and equipment is essential for the clinic because most high- quality materials are durable and easier to clean. They always create a feeling of cleanliness and vitality for the clients, thus increasing the customer's sense of trust in the cleanliness.
2What kinds of arrangement and color combination are better for the beauty clinic decoration?
Appropriate principles must be followed before selecting the necessary equipment for a proper arrangement in the desired places. Consulting a specialist can give you the right options. For example, the harmonious color combination for the main parts, including the walls and floors, which are covered with a soothing color, plays an important role in creating a feeling of intimacy and security in patients. In selecting furniture and arrangements that deal with the patients' and client's comfort and convenience, care should be taken to have adequate seating and use a range of colors that are often covered with a combination of white and green to create a calm environment. The combination of bright colors with white can create a pleasant and special space, especially for beauty clinics.
3How to create a different decoration compared to the competitors?
An important factor in changing the decoration of each place is paying attention to its use according to the age and mood of the people who are related to the place in any way. Basic changes to create a unique decoration include changing the covering of the walls, floor, and ceiling, so the desired coloring with a combination of new wall coverings creates a wonderful space.
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